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Feb 05

Portland and the Columbia River Gorge : Podcast 30

  We made a visit to Portland, but due to time, weren’t able to see as much as we would have liked.  We make some quick visits to a couple of sites downtown and then spent the following day exploring the Columbia River Gorge.

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Jan 22

Oregon Vortex and Silver Falls State Park : Podcast 29

As our time in Ashland closed, we were undecided about where to go and what to see.  We decided to head up to Portland and look for things to do along the way.  The Oregon Vortex and Silver Falls State Park were the choices.  Listen to Sue and I talk about our visits!

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Dec 30

Whale Watching in Depoe Bay : Podcast 28

As part of our tour up the Oregon coast, we had a fabulous visit to Depoe Bay, Oregon where we got to go on a whale watching tour. The morning was cold and it was the tour’s first trip on the water of 2016.  But we saw whales!  Listen to our story!

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Oct 14

The Oregon Coast : Podcast 27

After our stay in Ashland, we headed up the Oregon Coast with our son, Brian. We wanted to visit the beautiful coast, share it with Brian, with our eventual goal to go on a whale watching tour in Depoe Bay. Listen to Sue and Scott talk about their trip

Oct 03

Ashland, Oregon : Podcast 26

Sue and I had a wonderful trip to the Northwest this year, visiting Ashland, Oregon, the coast, Portland, and other places along the way.   In this podcast we talk about our trip to Ashland, along with an attempt to visit Crater Lake National Park.

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Jan 31

Southern Utah State Parks : Podcast 25

As part of our trip to Bryce Canyon National Park, Sue and I visited some of Utah’s beautiful state parks, including, Kodachrome Basing State Park and Fremont Indian State Park.  We also took a beautiful drive along Highway 12, designated as an All-American road.   The scenery was beautiful.  In this episode, Sue and I …

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Aug 23

Bryce Canyon National Park : Podcast 24

  This spring, Sue and I decided to make an early trip to Bryce Canyon National Park, hoping to see it before all the summer crowds arrived.  The visit was fabulous, the scenery amazing, and we did some really fun things.  Enjoy listening to them on this episode of the podcast.

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Jul 03

Lassen Volcanic National Park : Podcast 23

Our last stop on our Northwest trip was a visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park. This a great park with beautiful scenery, fine hikes, thermal features, and very quiet surroundings. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of some of the other National Parks, Lassen Volcanic National Park is a great choice.

Jun 22

California Redwoods : Podcast 22

Our travels down the Pacific Coast took us to the Redwood area of Northern California. We visited Redwood National Park and the adjoining state parks. Stunning is all that I can think of to say. These trees are magnificent and the wanderings that we took through them were fabulous!

Mar 30

Northwest Lighthouses : Podcast 21

Sue has always wanted to visit lighthouses and our Northwest trip was a prime opportunity to do that. All told, we saw 12 different lighthouses, visited many of those and in this episode we talk about these visits. I’ll just say that these were quite fun, a mix of history, some wildlife, exploration, and some of the greatest ocean views you’ll see. We hope that you’ll enjoy listening to our adventures!

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